One of the best finishing solutions are construction insulation mats. They are effective in both residential and industrial construction. They have suitable acoustic properties adapted to every type of building. On the market, you will find many types of construction insulation mats, created with a wide range of applications in mind. They are suitable for anti-slip protections, protective purposes, and other consumer needs. Their installation is easy and quick, saving your valuable time.

Construction Insulation Mats – Various Applications

The flexibility of using construction insulation mats allows for numerous possibilities in different standards. The most common application chosen by consumers is vertical and horizontal insulation of buildings. This method protects various elements of the structure from moisture. Thus, construction insulation mats ensure resistance against external factors. The coherence of elements in the structure and good hydro-insulation of buildings are associated with the use of construction mats.

Office buildings, hotels, or other specialized rooms opt for these types of mats. Construction mats prove their utility due to appropriate protection against noise, and they also provide acoustic insulation from airborne sounds from adjacent rooms and impact sounds, eliminating the so-called effect of clacking heels. This is especially important in studios that value peace and quiet, offices, or hotels. Their anti-vibration action contributes to the comfort of using a given place and effectively improves your work results. As known, noise at the workplace significantly lowers efficiency and productivity.

Elements of mobile walls and partition walls are equipped with construction insulation mats. This allows for efficient and proper functioning of rooms and hall or warehouse spaces. In factories, the focus of people working on a given task is highly valued. External environment sounds can interfere with effective work, so this must be avoided at all costs. Such a mat provides excellent soundproofing and protection against any noise. An undeniable advantage is the fact that the installation of a given mat is easy and trouble-free. This way, you can save time and focus on other important matters.

Construction Insulation Mats

What Properties Must Insulation Mats Have?

Insulation mats must possess certain properties to ensure their effectiveness. They should be flexible, durable, solid, and excellently dampen noises and prevent moisture. These last two issues are crucial, as they determine their functionality.

Good mats of this type provide reliable protection thanks to hydro-insulation features. Such properties are found, among others, in REKOFLAT HD and REKOFLAT LD mats. They are characterized not only by a very attractive price but also by high density and resistance to tearing and stretching. These insulation mats find application in practically all buildings – both residential, public use, and industrial. Available in rolls and sheets, everyone can adapt them to their preferences.

Thus, insulation mats are also used for both vertical and horizontal insulation, work as a substrate under screed and regular flooring, and also as elements of a sporty elastic surface. They are also the substrate for lean concrete, insulate partition and mobile walls. The best mats of this type have versatile properties and a wide range of applications.

What Distinguishes Good Insulation Mats?

Good construction insulation mats are therefore solid, durable, versatile, and excellently dampen noises and protect against moisture. In addition, they should be easy to install and flexible. This makes their installation not problematic.

Furthermore, really functional and good mats of this type are made with care for the natural environment. They should therefore be ecological. Such properties are possessed by REKOPLAST Composite insulation mats, which are made from rubber granulate derived from recycled car tires. Consequently, they are also extremely durable – just like the mentioned tires. They provide long-lasting protection for every building, regardless of its purpose.

For the most demanding, REKOLINE and REKOSQUARE mats will also be an ideal solution. Their impeccable vibration and sound insulation properties are often used in the case of partition and mobile walls. Not everyone knows how high their ∆Lw coefficient is. At REKOLINE, it is as much as 18 dB, and at REKOSQUARE 16 dB.

Good insulation mats are available in various thicknesses, and importantly – they have the appropriate certificates and attestations. This is a key issue that is responsible for the safety and durability of products. Therefore, only opt for tested and recommended mats.

Construction Insulation Mats – Where to Buy Them?

Choosing a lower quality insulation mat is a bad idea. For this reason, it is not worth “going cheap.” Specialists available at the sales points of construction insulation mats, such as at Rekoplast, can help you choose the type of mat that will be impeccable in quality. Your personal needs and expectations regarding the purchased product will be taken into account. Before you go shopping, check the characteristics of the individual models, especially since they are exceptionally cheap and environmentally friendly. Caring for ecology will allow for better utilization of the material of construction mats and thus ensure the long life of the material. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the company’s offer on the website beforehand to know what to expect from the mat. Questions related to its ease of cleaning and maintenance, direct to specialists in the field. They will be able to show you step by step instructions for caring for the material from which the construction insulation mat is made. Usually, a disinfectant with water is enough to remove every dirt. It is important that your mat is resistant to various damages, so test its durability and flexibility in the store.